Increase Fans, Increase Engagement

Sprocket provides engagement solutions to turn your web visitors into loyal fans.



By using Sprocket you provide the right experience in the right place at the right time according to key steps of the customer nurturing process.

We combine a high performance rule processing engine which automates the customer nurturing scenario, top-notch widgets which improve users’ motivation to meet your business goals and analytics to optimize the scenarios.


What We Do

Our platform allows you to add enjoyable and engaging features to app or website based on your business goals, helping you to build an experience that engages users more proactively. We offer plug and play widgets and gears to integrate via simple API calls. Our analytics platform allows you to identify fans and find out what customers are really interested in. 

Sprocket transforms the customer journey into a climbing experience allowing the customer to self-educate around your brands and products by providing the right experience in the right place at the right time.

Who We Are

Sprocket is a fast-growing provider of customer nurturing solutions for B2C companies.

Founding team comes from Yumemi K.K., the leader in mobile-based customer incentive in Japan.

Product design based on 4+ years of solution design experience for customers that include Panasonic, McDonalds, Uniqlo, GAP, ToysRus, and more.

In 2014, Sprocket announces entry into U.S market by partnering with iiD, a full-service digital agency based in San Francisco.


Sprocket Platform

Sprocket will track the customers across all channels and provide tailored journey based on the user behavior:

  • Omni-channel activity Tracker/Detector (SDK): Track the user’s activity using simple JavaScript. Activity detector detects user’s activity using iBeacons, NFC, etc.
  • Petit Rocket Engine: Provides instant feedback to the user and calculates user’s progress – even in offline-mode – and summarizes activities to send to Sprocket engine.
  • Sprocket’s nurturing Engine: Tracks and records user behavior and provides feedback based on past activities.

Sprocket Engine

Our engine has been recently redesigned to increase processing performance several hundred times allowing Sprocket to be the most innovative and competitive nurturing automation platform on the market.

Our engine can manage more than 300 activities per second so Sprocket can activate websites and apps with over 10 million UU and hundreds of millions of page views.

We continuously increase our engine performance to maintain the Sprocket’s competitiveness.


Sprocket Gears

Plug-and-play gears, to integrate through a simple API call.

  • Activity Feed
  • Leaderboard
  • Reward Collection Board
  • Real-Time Notification
  • Mission Board
  • Mission Tutorial
  • Social Activities

Sprocket Analytics

Sprocket analytics track content or widgets throughout your website/app so you can easily identify the most advanced user in each challenge.

  • KPI – Key performance Indicator – Visualize major information like conversion rate, actions per users, revisit rate and so on.
  • Identify your fans – Visualize the top users based on the challenge you have set for them.
  • KGI – Key Goal Indicator – Set up you own KGI and identify which users reach your business goal.
  • Improve the user journey – Monitor each step of your user journey to identify which users progress and which users leave and when so you can take relevant action.

Case Studies

About Sprocket

Founding team came from Yumemi K.K., the leader in mobile-based customer incentivization in Japan.

Product design based on 4+ years of solution design experience for customers including Panasonic, McDonalds, Uniqlo, GAP, Toysrus and more.


iiD, a full service digital agency headquartered in San Francisco are Sprocket’s U.S. based representatives.

We concept, design and deliver digital products and services that matter to users and help our clients thrive in the digital world. First we listen. Then we make experiences happen.

Contact us today to learn how Sprocket can help turn your website visitors into loyal fans.